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You are the reason why we do what we do

How you helped Nuvoles come true

We are delighted that everyone who uses our products knows that they are obtaining a unique piece, worthy of the strongest and most creative people.

~Noemi Snell
Nuvoles CEO

Before creating Nuvoles, I was constantly looking for wallets! The idea I had in my mind was never reflected in any shop window.

Then one day, I decided to fund my artisan qualities! I needed a bag, I was very clear about how it should be…and so I did it myself. A few months later, a colleague saw it, liked it and asked me where to get it, I proudly replied that I had done it and to my great surprise, she asked me if I could do one for her too … and so Nuvoles was born.

I was concerned that maybe I was the only one to have different needs, but after the increasing number of orders for unique and different pieces, I began to understand that they were not.

But then …
I realized that my desire to create objects that can help people in their daily lives, that exactly match their needs and tastes, made to last and collect memories with Its owners were enthusiastically greeted by others who share my vision but not my skills.
I decided to create the most practical, strong and splendid bag for the most active person, urban and great of the world.
Only …
the path was more difficult than I imagined.
Leather suppliers had very expensive prices and I had no power to negotiate, so I could not sell my wallets at the price that both myself and my clients would have conformed.
So I started by taking samples from suppliers, that way when the clients chose the material, they just had to go and buy it. It was a good solution to avoid supplying my workshop with materials that I did not know when I would use it.
At that moment, the fear of …
that no one likes the products or that they weren’t good enough stopped me, but then I remembered a bookmark my mother had that read: “No guts there is no glory! ” I knew I could help people get creative and express themselves by creating durable and useful accessories with me.
Despite everything …
I launched my first products and the response was pure love and enthusiasm from everyone who saw them.
Until today, Nuvoles has never stopped growing, overcoming all my fears and exceeding all my best expectations.
The best part?
All my fantastic clients that were, and continue to be, a constant and endless source of inspiration.