Uniq, create your ideas


This project was born so that, together with me, you can be part of the creation of one of the objects that you use, the most, every day.

Through the union of your creativity and mine, our ideas, inspirations, your needs and my knowledge, we will be able to create the bag, backpack or any other object you have in mind.

But let’s go in parts, I’ll explain it in detail:

What is it about?

Let’s create your Nuvoles together. Your participation in the creative process depends on you, you can be 100% involved in drawing, modeling, purchasing your materials, etc … or simply explain to me what you need and I will do the rest.

What problem does it solve?

With the Uniq project you can:

  • Create a model that you have in mind and that meets all your needs
  • Recreate a model that you have seen and/or loved … by changing what you want
  • Reproduce a model that you had in the past and that is already asking to retire, or that you may have lost
  • Create something to reuse the materials (for example leather) of another bag, for example, giving them new life and meaning

Do you need specific knowledge?

No, anyone can create, or have their Uniq created.We put the technique ourselves and if inventiveness is also needed 😉

How do you get started?

Contact me through the medium you prefer, just be careful that with 2 cats, the racing pigeons could have some problems getting to their destination!

Tell me what you have in mind and let’s get started. Don’t worry I will guide you through each phase.

Once the sketch of your Nuvoles is ready, if you approve it, we will proceed to pack it … and VOILÁ! We will introduce you to your Uniq Nuvoles.

I'll leave the contact form at your fingertips👇🏻

Some of our Uniq ⭐