The New Old

The new is good, but the experience is

~ How Nuvoles extends the life of the objects you love ~ ~

At a time like the modern one, where mass production is skyrocketing and quality is less than quantity, where things are no longer made to last, where everything becomes disposable, we forget the value of the unique things that last.

Maybe because of my personal nature, the professional deformation simply because yes …I always found the things that have a history more precious. The ones  that came from other eras and from other people, or maybe from ourselves but when we were another person.

I’ll tell you a little bit about how it works:

Contact me (here you have the contact form at hand 👇🏻)

From there I’ll contact you, asking you for some photos of the piece you want to restore and/or modify and to know which cuddle you think it needs.

Once I have evaluated all the needs I’ll tell you what the cost and times are.

That’s all, easy, isn’t it ?!
I leave you some images about the pieces that we have already “refreshed” and their happy owner, are you going to be one of them? 💗